Julian Smuggles – You Seem Like the Type of Person

who makes seinfeld references, a true signifier. Revisionist dreams of an all white network where work refers to cafe conversations about internet articles. We trendin’ yet?

When we tap our drinks together, we make promises to keep our shit talking public like button that top button. No one wants to see your chest hair.

In high school there is a tax to enter the building. Our local neighborhood drug dealers post up at the main entrance. Two 6-foot mexican seniors with redbulls in their hands and raider jerseys further the educational process. The perception of income makes this practice mandatory. People of color never pay the tax. I don’t know the word solidarity till I live this. White students learn the drill and eventually someone snitches. The practice stops for the day, a routine in policing.

Reinstate this tax in the present situation. I am going to take what is mine and then take what is yours. You owe me for just being here, let alone the education. Writing is the worst service job I have ever had, all the white consumers.


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