Some degenerate Cubone spray-painted words on your childhood home. What does it say?

For a good time call 867-5309

Write two lines about Psyduck lost in a psychiatric hospital—

With one hand on his pounding head, the other moves the door open.
“Welcome home, Psyduck,” the doctor said.

Write a two-line pome about Psyduck lost in the woods—

A single tear rolls down Psyduck’s face.
“Why did she leave me here?” he thought.

You come home and there’s some dude stuck in the wall. You can’t see him but you can see his arm waggling from the wall. Describe his childhood—

Oh god, what is that?
I’ve seen enough stranger things.
To know what it is.

It’s been raining for fifteen minutes. You can’t find anywhere to escape it. There is a group of people around a tree. They’re pressing their ears against the tree. You press your ear to it too. The tree tells you three rhyming lines—

Can you hear me?
I’ve had to pee,
For 5 centuries.




Hannah Broadbent is a bookseller by moonlight, comic book reader by daylight. Check out her twitter for posts about her dumb cats: @hbroadbent4



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