Joe Galván – In the Spring of 1999 I was a Guest of The Sally Jessy Raphaël Show on Problem Teens

My gang name was Wacky J.
The W Millennium still existed then.
We were all forced to sleep on the same floor
And while my poor mother negotiated with
me to eat pizza with my little brother
Two girls threw mustard on one another
outside, called each other bitches
And hit a security guard.
Between the pizza and the security guard,
It was a three star hotel stay.



Joe Galvn-Davis (1984-), is a cultural anthropologist, ethnomusicologist, artist, writer, and composer. He grew up on the US-Mexico border in South Texas. His zines include the quarterly Galván in Portland (2012-2016), a novella entitled In The Realm of the Desert Gods (2012-), and a series of zines on manners in the 21st century entitled Etiquette. He has lived in Portland since May 2012 and has volunteered at the IPRC since November 2014. His oeuvre is often concerned with expressions of his deep Catholic faith. He lives in Portland, Oregon.


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