Kaiya Gordon – The Other End of O’Hara’s Line

But am I Ms.? Everyone is sticky,
except for slurred me. OH! how I’d like you
to be in the car with me: as I slide home
from Capitola, along the California
One. The cliffs I pass stretch and shrink,

and this is where we saw all those dead fish,
isn’t it am I? Those months ago?
I’ll call you now, to bring you here to tell,
what I am I meant to tell: in the car,
I thought of turning my interior exterior,

and sharing it.

The shapelike a drop.

Kaiya Gordon is a poet, Photoshop aficionado, and Youtube fan, who lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area. After moving out of California to attend Lewis & Clark College, Kaiya immediately returned to their hometown of San Mateo after graduation, where they have been re-visiting their complicated relationship with Green Day, re-learning how to write, and using long hours on the Caltrain commuter trains to devour poetry books.

Kaiya’s work is interested in regional California aesthetics, body and disassociation, and examining the emotional failures of language. Kaiya attended the 2014 Northwestern Undergraduate Conference on Literature with a collection of poetry, and was the 2015 recipient of the American Academy of Poets Prize at Lewis & Clark College. You can follow Kaiya on twitter @ayobaio or through their blog at http://www.babybummer.me.


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