If you can swallow a disembodied
human eye whole
without salt or sugar
please write to the enclosed address.
I have an ant farm you
could stitch together
with all your expendable mirth.
You had so much time
to learn to dig a hole
in which to hide your beautiful
teeth among trees
and bite heads off
birds for profit and for pleasure.
One day you’ll silence
heaven’s final chorus,
every angel beating out its morse
code hymn: Believe
what you read inside
your mottled and cavernous skull.
Let this greying barn
be your cold manger,
temple mount, Gethsemane, all.
Planks of you
will patch the roof
and stay rafters from the rain.
You string of stones.
You accident of light.



Robert Torres moved to Portland last year for no discernible reason. He was running the Pegasus Reading Series in Dallas before he left. Prior to that, he founded the Punk Poet Society in Denton, Texas and hosted the Free Word webcast in Dallas. He got BAs in Creative Writing and Theatre Performance from the University of North Texas. He is currently preparing to release his first full-length book of poems, Design Your Own Container Reality.


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