Ryan Mills – Poem

Sober fog in snow piss steam & heat
it comes as some surprise the day neither chilled cream neither warmed
& found it has been a while
since a three hat day: The world is heavy
a friend in corner speaks tuna
they said For Sale an amazing dream of fruit & skin
they’d been a hermit; photograph in which
about this year: year in which A Fun Story
& full of laughs: hungry in wool & starving in grey,
a complete insight itself gathering
feeling of viewing descent down staircase.



From below
is beautiful
walking down
a flight of stairs.


A fun story & full of laughs:
Gift of merriment in merry bag
self portraits in hat & sun,
one week near shelter
self portraits facing the sun,
a fun story full of laughs
self portraits with scissors &
having done wrong by someone
self portrait in skin.
Disoriented in crosswalk.
Or is it all but that life’s processes are very simple.
The rest is all but that sweet dream only blinking.
having done wrong by someone
it is all but that sweet bartender only barking
& saturating self although enjoying mild winter day,
space higher & this floor for support. Nothing


& this time it’s over.


Having done wrong by someone & washing.

Identifying with torture although self.

Enjoy & leave to have arrived.



Ryan Mills attended Manzanita Elementary School in Tucson, AZ and is a federal employee living in Portland, OR.  Ryan has had poems published in The Heavy Feather Review, Gramma Poetry, Poor Claudia, etc. and is the poetry editor for The Gravity Of The Thing, an online literary journal.


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