Teresa Fredericks – Tallboy

We made it to the tune of a low roar—
The roar of flowers blooming from their leafy coverlets,
The roar of moss greening in the cul-de-sac.

We made it, bodies lost and rebounding
Through quiet conversation.

We tied the twine to the fireplace, and sent our kite up the chimney.

Teresa Fredericks, a transplant from western Maryland, holds her BA in studio fine arts and an MA in critical theory and creative research. Her process-driven poetry examines themes of boredom, placelessness, reclamation, and landscape through disjointed narrative, personal vignette, and playful imagery. With curiosity, she seeks to fortify the mundane and happenstantial as kinesthetic storytelling devices. She is heavily influenced by the writings of Annie Dillard, Cormac McCarthy, William Carlos Williams, and Archibald MacLeish but finds thematic inspiration in artists like Haim Steinbach, Kiki Smith, and Roni Horn. A press operator by day, Teresa is equally interested in mechanical methods of production and also enjoys formatting print publications. She spends free time adding to her small press library, arranging flowers, petting her two cats, and meal planning with her partner.


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