9 Possible Reasons Geoffrey Has Stopped Speaking – Stephen Kelly

  1. He believes he has only a few words left, and wishes to save them.
  2. He glimpsed the ghost of Mrs. Hastings, again, in the hallway.
  3. He’s sick of Gerald’s comments.
  4. Dr. Courtemanche has convinced him that he’s a werewolf, and tomorrow night is a full moon.
  5. At supper, he made the mistake of trying the pork griskin.
  6. He has only trite things to say, such as “all’s well that ends well,” and wants no one to make fun of him later, after he’s left.
  7. He is sure this is all a nightmare, and is waiting to wake up.
  8. Beatrice said no.
  9. The encounter yesterday with the porcupine.




Stephen Kelly lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife and son.



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