A Day at the Beach – Tina Lavrova

While immaterialist spinal cords of grass spirit-scapes

Beach the after-coating of Demigod limnology

Nosologically, the below-freezing ferry tremors,

Winglessly blooming up-rootedly sandbags of Megarian noogenesis:

Gymnophobically fertilized Ithyvulvic seabed’s —

Thawing each corridor

Sudokuing all life-forces of pallored Time.

Sea tided life without the property of life,

Dock the unperceivable ferry

Belly-up, numero-genically —

Gargoyled upon the green cheesed shallow waters of misandry




Tiana Lavrova is an eighteen year old who has an interest in all things art and science: including sculpture, product design, printmaking, free verse poetry, and the mental health and psychological sciences. She is also the author of two forthcoming chapbooks: dancing girl press and Grey Borders Books in 2018.



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