America – Julia Wohlstetter

—after B. Mayer

As for me, when I saw you
you were in a tale

dreaming maybe of Catullus’
cuticle moons in America

On Friday morning
all the girls dream the same dress

approach it slowly
with an eerie repose

Our thoughts make an iceberg
A woman is not a series of events

on which we can throw no light
Our clothes form an empire

The mutinous color of a pool
A woman scattered in space

As for me I’m ruthless
the lesson of the lemon grove

lettering a cloud as your voice combs
through the tiniest chink in my phone




Julia Wohlstetter’s work has appeared in Metatron, Bodega Magazine, The SILO, and The Chapess Zine. She is a graduate of The Independent Publishing Resource Center’s Poetry Program and holds a BA in French and Photography from Bennington College. She is the author of the chapbook “Please and Please”. She lives in Portland, OR.



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