home – Izzy Leslie

searching the sunset on the 405 lull
smash cut to the glitch break slow motion
video of dreams by the cranberries and
gia is rolling her head back and dancing
she’s smiling with cinnamon coconut lips
i’m dying (i think) and it is blessed.
my gentle body is going 200 mph, but just
sitting here in your pt cruiser convertible
making waves with my hands, cheeks hurting
from smiling. i didn’t know i needed closure
i love you so much it’s like i’ve had too much coffee
swaddled in pink cotton and i’m an ok person
fall smoke screen and it’s golden and let’s go



Izzy Leslie is a writer and digital artist from Portland, Oregon living in Philly. She is the author of it’s my party. She tweets at @badplantmom. She has zero chill. 


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