knifey – Nathan Wade Carter

my feelings an air-horn
I want to burrow
go blind

how many miles of dirt
until I am insulated
from violence sonic

knifey questions
too small to read

which is what I’m trying to be

they say love will come to you
but I am tired

thin veils
overripe tomatoes
immeshed ego dogs

I want a thimble of touch
and a lot of silence

I want to hole up
a carrier pigeon

I am sensitive to wasting time
with another human
I want to waste away on my own

quick go
take sand
it’s yours
to sink




Nathan Wade Carter is a queer, grey-a poet, musician, and artist living in Portland, Oregon. He is author of the chapbook ROYGBIV (Ursus Americanus Press 2017). His poetry can be found in Hobart, Fugue, Gramma Poetry, Poor Claudia, The Fem, and others. He is editor and founder of SUSAN / The Journal. He writes and performs songs under the name Purrbot. He is recording a new album called DNR. Find him online at


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