Mushrooms – Ian Carr

Slimy-capped loghugger

inky, oceanic hues
indigestible blues and grays

cap like a domed jelly,
slick and submersed

Blanchbone forest coral

notable for upthrust

defiant of its habitat
where things
become soil
as soon as possible

[see, e.g., old man’s beard, lignous lichen,
overbent hemlock]

Rosy bruisecap

nearly always
an incomplete toadstool,

it’s said that
the Russians used
it for broths in
times of
peasant rebellions

Intermittent radish pith

often found in
disturbed earth,

where it forms
symbiotic relations
with undervalued
bitter greens

[witness the young dandelion shoots
before they’re easily identified]

Tumbling goiterwaith

edibility unknown

but believed
to cause
gastric distress

if eaten
with the flesh

of a
hoofed mammal.

dyes wool a
distinct yellow
and leaves
it warm
to the touch.

Of note but not fully surveyed:

meadow cypher
widow’s breath




Ian Carr works as a legal analyst in Portland, Oregon. Originally from Phoenix, he earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from Northern Arizona University and his Juris Doctor degree from Lewis & Clark Law School. His work has appeared in Portland Review.



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