The Melancholy of Departure – Ryan Mills

The Melancholy Of Departure

The morning a first cloudy day
perhaps a chance of snow.

& the night before still
some kind of blurred
exlactic party.
It’s fun to feel alone here
even if it does snow.

Thought of Aych Brick
& the very small fire hydrant
uprooting Aych Brick


Free coffee spills
on cashmere sweater.

Laugh & wipe it up.
Water would help.

A shame is
Dry Cleaning.


James Bond Theme Song
in the Met.

the Mission: Impossible
theme song


Marisol: Self Portrait Looking At The Last Supper





Matias heart


Boxing Day

Maybe very nice

Don’t talk!
& then last summer –
Google Last Summer –
why not re-marry
partial relatives who are bad kissers;
Drooling mouth.

Is he coming?
The lights are off on the bench
with scissors & words.



The Melancholy Of Departure (cont’d)

If we can’t have fresh air
we can have
Fresh Muffins


On the phones.

Take the Very Muscular Dog
to the Dog Park Run
sit on the picnic table bench
& drink coffee & check out
mostly-nude photos of a friend.
I will be leaving my old friends soon.



Ryan Mills attended Manzanita Elementary School in Tucson, AZ, the MFA in poetry at Portland State University and is a letter carrier for the United States Postal Service in Portland, OR. Ryan has had poems published in The Heavy Feather Review, Gramma Poetry, Poor Claudia and other places and is the poetry editor for The Gravity of the Thing, an online literary journal.




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