Our Star, The Sun, Will Die a Quiet Death

Everybody on Earth decided to throw one last party. It would be a major rager, enough drugs and sex and dancing to last until the radical emptiness of eternity. People really joined together on this one: angry white boys laid down their guns and even the Dalai Lama stepped off that mountain to be a… Continue reading Our Star, The Sun, Will Die a Quiet Death


Sweet Tea – Victoria Provazza

She didn’t enjoy the taste of sweet tea, though her daddy insisted in his syrupy drawl that sweet tea was the right tea to drink, that any other type of tea—white tea, green tea, herbal tea, iced or hot—was the wrong tea to drink. Sweetened black tea always honey, he’d say. Okay, she’d say back.… Continue reading Sweet Tea – Victoria Provazza

9 Possible Reasons Geoffrey Has Stopped Speaking – Stephen Kelly

He believes he has only a few words left, and wishes to save them. He glimpsed the ghost of Mrs. Hastings, again, in the hallway. He’s sick of Gerald’s comments. Dr. Courtemanche has convinced him that he’s a werewolf, and tomorrow night is a full moon. At supper, he made the mistake of trying the… Continue reading 9 Possible Reasons Geoffrey Has Stopped Speaking – Stephen Kelly

Requirements – Sara Kachelman

Woman lives in the basement of an underground apartment house. Her windows are glued with worms. Her floors are lumped ore. No one can afford to live aboveground anymore. The Californians have come. Many miles above Woman the Californians streak by in breathable fabrics, drinking the best bottled water in the land.  Woman has never… Continue reading Requirements – Sara Kachelman