My No – Nathan Wade Carter

hard to nod off head unstopping hard to say yes without showing my no hard to say no I can’t stop the midnight snack mental consuming        metal welded teeth I allow him to do nothing I allow myself to do nothing I am boring      into the earth    I am… Continue reading My No – Nathan Wade Carter


Mushrooms – Ian Carr

Slimy-capped loghugger inky, oceanic hues indigestible blues and grays cap like a domed jelly, slick and submersed Blanchbone forest coral notable for upthrust extensions, defiant of its habitat where things become soil as soon as possible [see, e.g., old man's beard, lignous lichen, overbent hemlock] Rosy bruisecap nearly always an incomplete toadstool, it's said that… Continue reading Mushrooms – Ian Carr

My Heart is a Hunted Software – Julia Wohlstetter

No tongue may shame you as you fall, No heavens shake your brain wreath. Stand the length of the house: Flourish your wink, Pirate a winter, Try an idol but scissor No precious minutes. My saucy bark, Torment me graciously With your vest And sportive blood— My heart is a hunted software— A death for… Continue reading My Heart is a Hunted Software – Julia Wohlstetter