Issue 2


Editor-in-Chief: Grant Gerald Miller
Prose: Robert Eversmann and Brandy Elizabeth Bell
Poetry: Laura Houlberg and Braeden Dillenbeck
Comics: Geeta Lewis
Image + Text: A.M. O’Malley
Cover Design: Caitlin Harris
Binding: Rubina Martini


Joshua James Amberson – What’s Lost
Tyler Atwood
Robyn Bateman – Can’t Help Won’t Help
Jon Boisvert – Skin
Nathan Wade Carter – Yarn
S Cearley
Eileen Chavez – Comics
Emily J. Cousins – Jack Modern Aesthetic
Daniel de Culla
Kelly Dolejsi – Madeleine The Sub
Jenna Fletcher – Whichever I Am
Teresa Fredericks – Tallboy
Torea Frey
Kaiya Gordon – The Other End of OHara’s Line
Danni Green – When Being a Woman and Colored
Mary Higgins
mud howard – Recovery
Paulina Jaeger
Michael Losier – Comics
Ryan Mills – Drag the River
Anis Mojgani  – Parking Cars
Thomas Mowe – Shorthand
Kevin Sampsell – Collage
Julian Smuggles – I Sport Leggings You Seem Like the Type of Person
Valerie Wernet – Planet Depth
Rachel Wolfson
Liz Yerby – Comics
Becca Yenser – Do Not Lose Your Job & House Sitting
Em Young