swamped – mud howard

when we think of rage, we summon our mother. unsullied memories of her barefoot & bloated, knifing the air beneath our father’s scraggly chin, making crazy look sacrosanct in the flouro light. “there was a time when sexual harassment was a compliment,” our mother says, brushing the blue out of her eyes. how provocative. how… Continue reading swamped – mud howard


Valuable – Nathan Wade Carter

all the dark singing in a house empty of bodies I know every noisy board & corner of furniture I made this place I never know how long a thing lasts or much of what to say unless it doesn’t matter in which case I am at my most eloquent I stoke a fire forgiving… Continue reading Valuable – Nathan Wade Carter

Mushrooms – Ian Carr

Slimy-capped loghugger inky, oceanic hues indigestible blues and grays cap like a domed jelly, slick and submersed Blanchbone forest coral notable for upthrust extensions, defiant of its habitat where things become soil as soon as possible [see, e.g., old man's beard, lignous lichen, overbent hemlock] Rosy bruisecap nearly always an incomplete toadstool, it's said that… Continue reading Mushrooms – Ian Carr