knifey – Nathan Wade Carter

my feelings an air-horn I want to burrow go blind descend how many miles of dirt until I am insulated from violence sonic knifey questions too small to read which is what I’m trying to be they say love will come to you but I am tired thin veils overripe tomatoes immeshed ego dogs I… Continue reading knifey – Nathan Wade Carter


Mushrooms – Ian Carr

Slimy-capped loghugger inky, oceanic hues indigestible blues and grays cap like a domed jelly, slick and submersed Blanchbone forest coral notable for upthrust extensions, defiant of its habitat where things become soil as soon as possible [see, e.g., old man's beard, lignous lichen, overbent hemlock] Rosy bruisecap nearly always an incomplete toadstool, it's said that… Continue reading Mushrooms – Ian Carr

My Heart is a Hunted Software – Julia Wohlstetter

No tongue may shame you as you fall, No heavens shake your brain wreath. Stand the length of the house: Flourish your wink, Pirate a winter, Try an idol but scissor No precious minutes. My saucy bark, Torment me graciously With your vest And sportive blood— My heart is a hunted software— A death for… Continue reading My Heart is a Hunted Software – Julia Wohlstetter

The Light Inside Myself – Tyler Sowa

A commissioned metal dragon blows flames in front of the museum of industry and science. Spewing heat from its metal nostrils. Everyone awes and eventually walks away. The city advised against disposable glow sticks, but people are wearing them around their necks regardless. Once, I split one in my mouth at a dance in the… Continue reading The Light Inside Myself – Tyler Sowa