Jason Squamata – Death of an Extra

Gwendolyn Riley’s cell phone is ringing in a suite at the Chateau Marmont. Through the jagged thresholds of her drug-fried consciousness, the ring sounds like a cluster of church bells, and she can feel the sound changing the shape of her space like you feel an elevator dropping. She’s been in this room for days… Continue reading Jason Squamata – Death of an Extra


Jodi Andrews – My Open Abdomen

A red rose blossomed No black nodes Skin peeled—petals Stitches, suchors Thorny stem Pink skin buds Among black scabs     Jodi Andrews graduated with her M.A. in English from South Dakota State University in December 2016. She lives in Brookings, SD with her husband and teaches English classes at SDSU. She has been published… Continue reading Jodi Andrews – My Open Abdomen

Jodi Andrews – This Earth

Limbs stretch like branches. My heart beats, waves pulse. A heart beats like branches stretch. My limbs wave, pulse. This Earth pirouettes around the sun. Dirt swirls, starts tiny cyclones. Cyclones pirouette around the Earth. The sun starts, swirls tiny dirt. Bare branches drip frozen tears. Ruby blossoms reveal raspberries. Ruby tears reveal bare blossoms.… Continue reading Jodi Andrews – This Earth