My No – Nathan Wade Carter

hard to nod off head unstopping hard to say yes without showing my no hard to say no I can’t stop the midnight snack mental consuming        metal welded teeth I allow him to do nothing I allow myself to do nothing I am boring      into the earth    I am… Continue reading My No – Nathan Wade Carter


Our Star, The Sun, Will Die a Quiet Death

Everybody on Earth decided to throw one last party. It would be a major rager, enough drugs and sex and dancing to last until the radical emptiness of eternity. People really joined together on this one: angry white boys laid down their guns and even the Dalai Lama stepped off that mountain to be a… Continue reading Our Star, The Sun, Will Die a Quiet Death

Ann Petroliunas – Word Collage

      Ann Petroliunas is a 2017 graduate of the prose certificate program at the Independent Publishing Resource Center in Portland, OR.  She is an educator, writer, and managing editor at Arq Press. Born and raised in Chicago, she now resides in Oregon and often gets confused about which one is home.  Ocean waves, glue-sticks, and… Continue reading Ann Petroliunas – Word Collage