Jessica Yen – The Dumpling Shop

When I lived in Beijing in 2005 and 2006, you could find me at my local dumpling shop once per week, if not more frequently. The dumpling shop stood on Wenhuiyuan Lu, which also held the travel agent office, the bank, the local gym, the bakery that doubled as a cigarette shop, a row of… Continue reading Jessica Yen – The Dumpling Shop


Jessica Yen, 1001 Interviews No. 1

Jessica Yen is a Chinese-American writer who has lived in California, Massachusetts, Oregon, and Beijing. Her personal essays explore the intersection between language, culture, identity, family, and memory. In third grade, she inspired the school rule “Either read or walk” (it was a very small school). When not reading quasi-serious fiction and memoir, she enjoys… Continue reading Jessica Yen, 1001 Interviews No. 1