Kara McMullen & Ann Petroliunas, 1001 Interviews No. 19

Kara McMullen (right) and Ann Petroliunas (left) are prose track graduates of the IPRC Certificate Program. They've recently collaborated on a collage project.     Ann Petroliunas is a 2017 graduate of the prose certificate program at the Independent Publishing Resource Center in Portland, OR.  She is an educator, writer, and managing editor at Arq… Continue reading Kara McMullen & Ann Petroliunas, 1001 Interviews No. 19


Joe Galván, 1001 Interviews No. 18

JOE GALVÁN was born in 1984 and grew up in South Texas. He has been writing since he was a child. He graduated from Texas Tech University in 2006 and contemplated becoming a lawyer before settling on cultural anthropology, with forays into ethnomusicology and etiquette studies. He has been publishing zines for nearly 20 years.… Continue reading Joe Galván, 1001 Interviews No. 18

Chris & Avi, 1001 Interviews No. 17

  You can follow Chris and Avi’s comic here: https://tapastic.com/series/Serge-the-Protector- Chris and Avi are interviewed by 1001 Managing Editor, Emily Montagno. Hey Chris and Avi! Thank you for speaking with me today. I see you all the time at the IPRC working on your comic. How long have you guys been members here? My friend Nicole,… Continue reading Chris & Avi, 1001 Interviews No. 17

Jenny Forrester of Unchaste Readers on Public Readings, 1001 Interviews No. 16

Jenny Forrester has been published in a number of print and online publications including Seattle’s City Arts Magazine, Gobshite Quarterly, Nailed Magazine, Hip Mama, The Literary Kitchen, Indiana Review, and Columbia Journal. Her work is included in the Listen to Your Mother anthology, published by Putnam. She curates the Unchaste Readers Series. Her debut memoir Narrow River, Wide Sky is forthcoming from Hawthorne… Continue reading Jenny Forrester of Unchaste Readers on Public Readings, 1001 Interviews No. 16

Shayla Lawson, 1001 Interviews No. 15

Shayla Lawson (shaylalawson.com) is the author of the chapbook PANTONE (Miel Books, 2016) and the forthcoming I Think I’m Ready to See Frank Ocean (Saturnalia Books, 2018). She has written for Salon, ESPN, Guernica, and The Offing. Tyler Sowa interviewed Shayla. Tyler Sowa is an Oregon native. He is a writer concerned with varying aspects of the house, home, and the domestic. He is currently… Continue reading Shayla Lawson, 1001 Interviews No. 15

Sara Ryan, 1001 NaNoWriMo Interviews, No. 6

Sara Ryan is the author of the graphic novel Bad Houses, published by Dark Horse Comics with art by Carla Speed McNeil, young adult novels The Rules for Hearts and Empress of the World, both published by Viking, and various comics, short stories and essays, most recently “Openly Bisexual” in The V-Word, edited by Amber… Continue reading Sara Ryan, 1001 NaNoWriMo Interviews, No. 6

C.M. Spivey, 1001 NaNoWriMo Interviews, No. 5

Cait Spivey is a speculative fiction writer, author of high fantasy From Under the Mountain and the horror novella series, “The Web.” Her enduring love of fantasy started young, thanks to authors like Tolkien, J.K. Rowling, Diane Duane, Tamora Pierce, and many more. Now, she explores the rules and ramifications of magic in her own works—and as… Continue reading C.M. Spivey, 1001 NaNoWriMo Interviews, No. 5