Ann Petroliunas – Word Collage

      Ann Petroliunas is a 2017 graduate of the prose certificate program at the Independent Publishing Resource Center in Portland, OR.  She is an educator, writer, and managing editor at Arq Press. Born and raised in Chicago, she now resides in Oregon and often gets confused about which one is home.  Ocean waves, glue-sticks, and… Continue reading Ann Petroliunas – Word Collage


This Cold Fire – Eileen Chavez

      Eileen Chavez is a queer, non-binary, Jewish-Latinx artist specializing in fuzzy art mediums including scribbly comics, molding clay monsters and making emotional guitar noise in their Portland, OR basement. They make experimental comics about navigating heavy emotional landscapes and processing/healing from trauma. They are also a proud member of a group of… Continue reading This Cold Fire – Eileen Chavez

Dream Report – Ryan Brewer

      Ryan Brewer has been an IPRC volunteer for three years and is currently a letterpress supervisor. He dabbles in zines and prints about his dog, dreams, and nostalgia—and sometimes drives a steamroller at print fairs. Favorite things: bicycling, racquetball, tropical fruit, ice cream, and gummy candy. More favorite things: reading, book design, dog walks,… Continue reading Dream Report – Ryan Brewer

Decision I & II

Em Young is a Portland-based queer artist working in many mediums including painting, drawing, sculpture, installation and embroidery. Em is interested in translating between mediums and investigating the spaces in between things. Em is also a curator and facilitator, working on local projects such as Fermentation Closet and Residency in the Garden. See more at… Continue reading Decision I & II

Kay O’Connor – “Love, Culture, Decide Interpret” in ASL.

Neurons and their pathways are seen in the back to represent the brain interpreting visual to auditory language and vice versa.   Kay O’Connor lives in Portland with her partner Shannon, and their two fur babies Miss B (a small beautiful monster of a dog) and Muta (a chronically cold but cuddly hairless car). She… Continue reading Kay O’Connor – “Love, Culture, Decide Interpret” in ASL.

Valerie Wernet – Planet Depth

PLANET DEPTH was conceived and composed on a manual typewriter. It grew out of a basic question – something like how might typewriting, as both method and constraint, affect my proximity to and presence in my own practice? As the book emerged, I was able to attend to vision, error, ambiguity and possibility in new… Continue reading Valerie Wernet – Planet Depth