Issue 4

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Editorial Team
Editor-in-Chief: Robert Eversmann
Managing Editor: Frank Winterborne
Comics: Carlos Bergfield
Prose: Jessica Wadleigh
Poetry: Robert Eversmann
Design: Frank Winterborne

featured artists:
Emma Arnesty-Good – Asleep
Katie Borak – Phenomenon
Ryan Brewer – Dream Report
Ian Carr – Mushrooms
Nathan Wade Carter – My No & Knifey & Of Moon & Valuable
Eileen Chavez – This Cold Fire
Philip Elias – Rooms
Craig Foster – Idol
Joe Galvan – A Kind of Blue
mud howard – swamped & in the void & heat wave
Kate Jayroe – Sweetheart
Sarah Kachelman – Requirements
Stephen Kelly – Words Gerald Never Spoke & 9 Possible Reasons Geoffrey Has Stopped Speaking
Ariel Kusby – Slow Opal & What Salt Is Good For
Tina Lavrova – A Day at the Beach & I Love Her So MuchThe Woodland Pond Intermingles the Gibbous Moon
Amy Lawless & Jeff Alessandrelli – “Review of the Heart of Beckett Long Snout (♡/10)”
Izzy Leslie – home & noisemaker
Kara McMullen – Our Star, The Sun, Will Die a Quiet Death
Ryan Mills – Poem & Melancholy of Departure
Tyler Meese – Bowling
Emily Montagno – Good Advice
Ann Petroliunas – Word Collage
Victoria Provazza – Sweet Tea
Matt Rebholz – We Still Held, We Haunted
Ona Riley-Greenburg – Trash Squad Gets Hijacked!
Tyler Sowa – On the Mountain & The Light Inside Myself
Hailee Va – Bodies
Julia Wohlstetter – My Heart is a Hunted Software & America
Liz Yerby – Comics
C. Zadaigh – New Gods