Mickey Collins – A stuffed Simba plush that I brought everywhere with me until the stuffing fell out

What color will the sky turn come Armageddon?

If a dead bird fell from a tree onto your lap, and you wrote it a two line pome, what is the pome?
Pushed from the nest too early, poor bird. I can wholly relate to your struggle.

If you stepped on a rat and killed it, it’s dying words were—
Betrayal! From my whiskers to my tail!
You too shall know my pain and you too shall fail.

Say you’re in a foggy pumpkin patch really, really early in the morning. You find a diamond ring on one of the pumpkins. Don’t try it on. You’re nervous. Maybe you’ll vomit, but don’t try it on. You have to walk up the invisible stairs to return it. She opens the shutters when you knock. What does she say?
I thought you were Jerome.

What do you say?
Is this his ring?

What color is the fish at the bottom of the ocean?
The fish at the very bottom is a most beautiful indescribable color, but no one can tell b/c it’s too dark.

If it crawled out, it would speak words, wouldn’t it? But not in any intelligible order…
The fish said: “Feet are fins, too. Walk the sky we must, because.”



Mickey Collins likes the 3 R’s: reading, writing and rheumatoid arthritis. He’s interested in writing comics, video editing and small press publishing. Contact Mickey at mickdamouse@gmail.com



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