What Salt is Good For – Ariel Kusby

I’d forgotten how murky it is       how tricky the descent  into my old single

bed        the curl of my body alone    the dust I am polite with           breathing slower

the salt-thick air         a reunion bathing in the tub slick with ghosts     

like dissolves like        I am the sum of what I never said        a boundary a blood blister

my quiet purpling heart      believed in spirits but not imaginary friends         

bayside I’d pull anemones off of rocks and kiss them        I am what I once pretended

to be        still to be feminine          to cure my bloated body with heavy blue    

dress up in deep fluid        same tide different liquid  admiring the confidence of abalone

I wish I could open and close for you         wrinkly and flexible with brine

lonely bones even for an only child           still ghosts should do just fine




Ariel Kusby is a poet, journalist, and bookseller based in Portland, Oregon. Her writing has previously appeared in Entropy, Bone Bouquet, Pith, Hunger Mountain, and Luna Luna Magazine, amongst others. To read more of her work please visit http://www.arielkusby.com. 


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